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Hello friend,

I wrote an insightful Social Media book titled ‘#TweetLikeApro’ this year (going on soon). It was a great income stream for me this year. As people from all over Nigeria and even abroad bought it in order to demystify the concept of ‘Twitter.’

tweetlikeaprocover1 (2)

“… as soon as I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. I had to cancel my appointments for the day to finish it.”
~ Emeka Nwanlor (Lagos)

“… my 1000th tweet is dedicated to @InspiringTeekay for coaching me to tweet like a real pro…”
~ Usen Jame (Uyo)

“… in a week, I gained over 100 followers by strictly and creatively applying the strategies I learnt from the book…”
~ Emeka Nobis
I honoured various speaking I.Vs & brokered many business deals via Twitter this year. I was able to raise over .25 million Naira for the #Street2SchoolProject from Twitter & BBM. No joke! You CAN too!

IT’s YOURS for F(r)EE:
This book can be sold for as much as N10,000 & it will be fair. But so far the price has been: N1,500.

GET IT NOW: (N500 only!)
A copy will be sent to the 1st 50 persons (out of my 500+ contacts) to send me N500 worth of Airtel or Etisalat recharge card between NOW and 12 noon on Saturday. [ It closes as soon as I have 50]

Holla @ me NOW if you are interested. Trust me it will all be gone in few hours.

*Waiting! (Kindly share)

~ Treasure K.
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The Audacity of hope

I tweeted these on the #BSOCre8 platform hosted by @SamObafemi on 10-09-2013.  This post is designed to benefit those who missed the live tweets or those who want to easily make a reference. Do enjoy it! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

1.  The Audacity Of Hope.’  ‘Audacity’ means extraordinary boldness. #BSOCre8

2. The word ‘hope’ is strongly related to the word ‘faith’; I will be using them interchangeably. #BSOCre8

3. Hope is the parameter that births your innermost desires. While Faith is catalyst that makes your hope a reality.

4. The word ‘hope’ takes its root from a Greek word called it ‘ELPIS’ – strong anticipation of what is SURE.

5. Faith is the connecting cord that transports your hope from the future & makes it a NOW reality. #BSOCre8

6. By the way, the future is not where you are going to; it is where you are coming from. Ever b4 you started it, you finished it.

7. Before you were conceived, a SCRIPT had been written concerning you. You came here to play out that Script. #BSOCre8

8. Every man has a duty to find out the content of his script. Even Jesus had to find His.  Luke 4:17. #BSOCre8

9. Unlike the secular movie director which starts his production from the beginning & works it towards the end, God reverses the order. #BSOCre8

10. You know the end of a movie is usually the most important. It doesn’t matter what happens along the line, we all know that ‘actor nor dey die for film.’ #BSOCre8

11. Your script says you are victorious, it says you are a royalty, it says all things are yours… #BSOCre8

12. Consider this analogy with me: (Next Tweets) . #BSOCre8

13. Imagine walking into your room and turning on your sports channel. There’s an ongoing football match… #BSOCre8

14. It is between your Arsenal team and the ‘almighty’ Barca. #BSOCre8

15. You didn’t even bother to check for the ‘Live’ inscription… Now Barca in their usual matter are teaching Arsenal some football sense; using them for rehearsals. #BSOCre8

16. Lionel Messi is mercilessly causing your defenders to have joints and waist dislocation. #BSOCre8

17. Oh! You ‘re now sweating profusely. “Foolish Wenger! You can’t even buy good players. Stingy man!” You muttered.

18. It’s almost the end of 1st half and the scoreboard reads 3-0. It will require a miracle to equalise let alone win this match.

19. Kpom! Kpom!! Kpom!!! There’s a knock at your door. “Oh! Who could that be?” … Your friend walks in, sees you sweating. #BSOCre8

20. Friend: Oh boy why you dey sweat like Christmas goat naw? #BSOCre8

21. You: You blind? You nor dey see say my dear Arsenal get match? #BSOCre8

22. Friend: (Laughs aloud sarcastically) O mo! You dey this life so? Abi na the bank work don soak your brain? This na old match naw. Na match when dem play 3 days ago. #BSOCre8

23. You: (The ‘scale’ is off your eyes) ehen! I dey  wonder why I nor dey hear any noise from outside…. Abeg wetin be the final scores? #BSOCre8

24. Friend: Omo! Una manage use juju win o! Final scores na 4 – 3 in favour of Arsenal o! #BSOCre8

25. You jump on your couch in excitement. “Yeaaa!!!!!” #BSOCre8

26. What happens thereafter? You will sit and watch the match with all AUDACITY. “Messi do all your leg-overs for all I care, I already Know the FINAL SCORES…” #BSOCre8

27. This picture describes your life’s match. Yes! There will be challenges along the way but I KNOW the SCORES already.

28. Do you know that God is more concerned about your success here than you yourself can ever be? #BSOCre8

29. Every manufacturer has his name at stake on every of his product. You are God’s product, His name is on the line that’s why your success is His priority. #BSOCre8

30. HE says “I know the thoughts that I think concerning you…. to give you a FUTURE & a HOPE.” He’s committed to seeing that you play out that original script/ #BSOCre8

31. Now, how do we translate this Script into reality? It is possible to start acting a different script entirely. Sadly, many people are doing so. #BSOCre8

32. In between the ‘here’ and the ‘there’ there’s a word called ‘PROCESS.’ #BSOCre8

33. Adam is believed to have mess up cos he was created a grown man. He came into a ready-made inheritance. #BSOCre8

34. God had to reverse the order. Every man MUST need go through the PROCESS. Even the son of God (Jesus) had to do so.

35. For 30 yrs, Yeshua Almasiya walked this earth without performing any miracle. It must have been an uninteresting part of His life. But He had to be processed. #BSOCre8

36. I need to WARN: If you try to bypass the process, you will abort the progress. #BSOCre8

37. Between the now and the throne, there’s a CROSS to be carried. BUT hope & faith keep your heart aflame. #BSOCre8

38. Hope and Faith will set you up for a ridicule. People will laugh at you but if they stick to ‘it’, the reverse will soon happen.

39. No matter what happens now, you must not trade your hope. #BSOCre8

40. Lose every other thing BUT never ever lose your hope and your faith in God. #BSOCre8

41. People who commit suicide are simply people who lost their hope in the harsh reality of process. #BSOCre8

43. What could be worse than been born without limbs and arms? I doubt if ur case is as bad as Nick Vijucic’s. #BSOCre8


44. Nick however didn’t allow his condition affect his position. Behold, he’s one of the highest paid speakers today. #BSOCre8

45. Behold the super-model he married. Hope made it possible! #BSOCre8

46. Alright! Let’s drive this home by considering how to translate hope to a physical reality. #BSOCre8

47. [1] Never lose faith in God & in yourself. You must believe in yourself! You CAN! #BSOCre8

47b. Faith is a living force drawn from a living Word for a living proof. It is your title deed. #BSOCre8

48. [2] Guard your internal dialogue. What do you say to yourself in the stillness of your soul? #BSOCre8

48b. It doesn’t matter what people are saying about you now. It is what you are saying abt yourself that matters. #BSOCre8

49. [3] Watch your association. Some people are anointed to thwart your faith & hope. Avoid them! #BSOCre8

49b. Don’t go where you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated. #BSOCre8

49C. Some numbers need to leave your phone tonight; some contacts aren’t needed on ur BBM. #BSOCre8

50. [4] Engage the supernatural with your words. It is a battle of words! #BSOCre8

50b. You must learn how to use your mouth to program your life. Life & death are in your tongue. #BSOCre8

50C. Speak to your day every morning. Let it become a routine. The sun, moon, wind et al have ‘ears.’ They will obey you. #BSOCre8

51. [5] Don’t lose sight of the BIG PICTURE. It was the picture of the reserved glory that helped Jesus to endure the cross. #BSOCre8

51b. D average living room has pics of d past – weddings, graduation… Where are the pics of ur future? PhotoShop is a blessing! #BSOCre8

52. [6] Never lose your praise. The devil dreads a Praise-r. Start dancing, you may look stupid but you ‘re turning on the heat. #BSOCre8

FINAL WORDS: This movie of yours has been acted before; you got it done and dusted. Just replicate it here! #BSOCre8

FINAL WORDS: You owe your opposition nothing else but RESULTS… Not debates or explanation. #BSOCre8

REMEMBER: Your coach is the referee of the match, he won’t blow the final whistle until you have won. Favour ain’t fair. #BSOCre8

With these few of mine, I hope I have been able to convince not confuse you that the audacity of hope does pay off. #BSOCre8

One Love!

~ TeeKay

Here are some feedbacks from my TimeLine:

i. ” @InspiringTeeKay is a great Hero’s of our tym,GOD BLESS U AND URS. Am Blessed to be part of Audacity of HOPE #Gratefulheart.” ~  @abdulhabiba12

ii. ” @InspiringTeeKay the lines r fallen for you in pleasant places… @sobafemi thanks for bringing this great mind our way #BSOCre8 we’r blessed. ” ~  @Grace_Festus

This is your fight!


It’s a great day friends!



I scanned the notice board from top to bottom for my 2nd Semester results. “No! There must be an error somewhere.” I thought to myself. Sooner than later, it dawned on me that indeed that was my result. » A, B, C, F, F, F, F, F, F. The worst result I have ever had in my life! So, from 300 Level, it was apparent that a spill was inevitable.

»| Hey! Don’t think I’m dull. How do you expect a young man who had lost his mum a day to his exams to come out in flying colours? Everything I had read evaporated as I got caught up in a cloud of thoughts. Oh! I looked for tears but not a drop came forth. But I was having the fight of my life.

»| Where’s the God I have served in sincerity since childhood? Where was He when the enemy came? I had to set up a probe panel for God… Please don’t blame me.

»| “God why have You always taken me through rough paths since birth?” I kept on probing.
» I was watching a message by Bishop T.D Jakes when God answered me. He said “There’s a wrestling match with your name on it. The devil is intimidated by the GREATNESS you carry, he’s just throwing tantrums. Nobody attacks a weakling with great armoury. Son you are great!”


Friend, your fight is a fight against the greatness you carry. But if you need your medals, you MUST stand up & fight! Nobody can do it for you, we can only cheer you on as you throw those punches against cancer, HIV AIDS, low self-esteem, depression… Remember, God the storm chaser is coaching you through this fight. You will win. By the way, I’m an Electronic/Computer Engineer. Devil, deal with it!

I am your brother in this fight and I’m praying for you. I celebrate you soldier!

For the NextPHASE,
Treasure K.
P: 32DFCD68
T: @InspiringTeeKay
P.S: I will share my heart with you all on Twitter tomorrow Wednesday, 14 August 2013. From how I lost my dad at age 11 to how I coped with my mum’s demise to a couple of heart breaks I have been through in love relationships. I want to show you how to keep your balance in your storm. Just follow the Twitter handle & join in the conversation using the hashtag #BSOCre8 & #MyStorm. The time is 8pm. Let’s talk!

Where do you warm yourself?

It’s a great day friends! Happy new month to everyone of you. As an acronym ‘AUGUSTsimply means All.Under.God’s.Unction.Share.Testimonies. Yea! I got that from a friend many years ago.

Let’s share some thoughts together:


You know sometimes life can really be cold. There are times things get so bad that it seems as though God has gone on vacation. I don’t know if you have ever been there.

In the past months I have been through such routes. I looked at the sky, it appeared dark, I felt like my heart was gonna give way. Overwhelming chills flowed down my spine. I was surrounded by a crowd but I was the loneliest person in the world. My psychological equilibrium was too distorted to support my speech. Damn! I was so cold and I craved for warmth like a thirsty deer in the Kalahari desert. I could give a fortune just to get warmth.

I opened a fridge and I saw different brands of alcohol and liquor screaming my name. A voice said to me Pop these bottles open and gulp them down your throat, sleep off, then you will be fine.”  I touched the chilled bottles. “Should I, should I not?” I thought to myself. But I heard that same familiar voice saying “It is not in the custom of priests to be given to strong drink.”

Thoughts are cigarettes popped into my mind. I have never had a struggle with these things. Where in the world are these thoughts coming from?

As though that was not enough, my hormones went on rampage. The desire for sex was beyond words can convey. To make it more tempting, a couple of flirtatious enticements were coming my way in different shapes and form. Oh my God! I was both physically and emotionally drained. I have never been this cold.

Simon Peter the disciple of Jesus was once in my state. You know, there’s nothing you are going through right now that someone, somewhere hasn’t been through before. You are definitely not gonna be the last.

Luke 22:55: “After they had kindled a fire in the middle of the courtyard and had sat down together, Peter was sitting among them.” King James Bible

This was after Jesus had been arrested and was being dragged to face judgement and execution. The Almighty Jesus who once walked on water and fed five thousand men; the very backbone of Peter’s confidence had been arrested. He was as good as ‘gone!’ Peter had to deal with the cold of life. He stumbled upon a fire that had been made by certain Jews, he SAT DOWN with them to get warmth.

We all need warmth at different stages and phases of our mundane walk. But the acid-test question is “Where do you get warmth from?”   Is it between the laps of a woman who’s not your wife? Is it over some sticks of Benson & Hedges or over some bottles of Whiskey?


David once prayed “when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the ROCK that’s higher than I.” I woke up one morning buried in thoughts. I reluctantly picked up my Bible to read. After a while, I switched on my laptop, went to the archives of my gospel messages and songs. I began to play for the first time; a song written and performed by Dr. Mike Murdock titled “I love your presence.” All of a sudden, I felt the presence of God all around me. I broke down in tears. That must have been God; I hardly cry. With each drop of tears, I felt some relief. I was there for up to an hour. I rose up that day feeling better, stronger and lighter. Certainly, no cigarette could have done this for me. No illicit sex. Only the presence of God could!

Friend, I understand that times are challenging. Someone out there recently lost a loved one, another from fired from a job and someone else was stabbed in the heart by someone he/she loved dearly. I feel you! But I wanna charge you not to seek for warmth in ungodly quarters. The devil is a deceiver! After the liquor, the sex or weed, you will wake up and realise that your troubles are still standing before you ‘gidigba’.

I finally realised the devil wanted to use the issue I was dealing with to get me imprisoned in an addiction that would have lingered on for decades. Just the first sip of cigar and mehn You are gone! I invite you to get the best warmth there is in God’s presence. Jesus is your friend and no matter how dirty you feel, He’s still in love with you.

I invite you now to the Father’s warmth. It will change your life forever. Talk to Jesus in your own language. You don’t need to be a prayer warrior. Talk to Him as you talk to your friends, no special protocols. You could say “Jesus, I have tried to fix my problems by my own power for so long. I am really tired. I need your help, I turn it over to you; I give myself away to you…” He’s right there with you, He will answer and you will definitely get the best warmth there is.

Alright friends, I just thought to share your day with you. Keep on keeping on and do have a miracle-filled August.


~ Treasure Kalu

P.S: Kindly share on your social Media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, BBM and so. Someone needs this message now. Gracias!

5 reasons why you need a Louis Vuitton accessory in your wardrobe


Louis Vuitton is a fashion brand that rings a bell everywhere in the world. Fashion experts assert that your wardrobe is incomplete if it’s lacking a Vuitton accessory.

Here are the reasons that were stated by top fashion experts at the last world fashion summit. (((Scroll down)))


Number 1: YIMU!!!!!!!!!! I gat you right? Now let’s get serious!

We all clamour for designers labels. Some of us can even go hungry just to acquire these exotic fashion labels. I walked into a boutique recently to find out the recent price of some my favourite designer’s shirts. To my surprise their prices have increased by as much as 40%.

Have we ever realised that what we are actually paying for in these designer’s labels are their names? The names TM Lewin, Hawes & Curtis, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and so on, command a great level of respect. We feel so fly when we are decked in these apparels.

The question that flipped through the pages of my mind as I paced through the door of that boutique was, “WHAT IS THE VALUE OF MY OWN NAME?” How much will people be willing to pay for my name? Will people have any special kind of feeling for just associating with my name?  Friend I think you need to ask yourself that same question. Each time I read the Bible and I come across the expression ‘a certain man’, I ask myself why the person’s name wasn’t mentioned. I found the answer: their names didn’t command any value, so they were not worth mentioning.

Secondly, I need to remind us that STYLE is not always about the name of the designer’s label worn, STYLE is an attitude. STYLE is about the confidence and charisma with which you carry yourself. STYLE is the aura that emanates from you. STYLE is about the scope of your life’s VISION. A man wearing ‘Yaba bend down’ can exude more style than a man clothed in D&G. Yes! I said so!

As much as we are all encouraged to look good, we must strike a balance because there’s nothing as lethal as an empty brain covered by the most expensive Peruvian hair. There’s nothing as embarrassing as a fine boy decked in a Lewin apparel graced by the alluring fragrance of a Gucci perfume and there’s absolutely nothing else that he has to offer his world.

You too can make a difference! You may not be a fashion designer but your name can grow to become a ‘designer’s label’ in your chosen career. Go for it! SELAH

~ TeeKay

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30 Tough Questions For 2013

check markYipeeee! TeeKay is back on the blogosphere. Compliments of the season friends. I trust you are all good. My apologies for the absence, I have been on transit for quite some time.

We will continue with our ‘reinvention series’ much later but let us branch off to something else in line with yuletide.

As the flood lights go off gradually on 2012, we have reached another junction of self-appraisal. I started doing mine since early November. Last week, in my time of meditation, I wrote down 30 questions which I asked myself, I answered them as well. Let’s share them together: #30QuestionsFor2013

1. What one thing did I do excellently in 2012? #30QuestionsFor2013.

Personally, I improved greatly on my networks & financial discipline. I used to spend carelessly and then do reverse budgeting.

 2. What did I do poorly? #30QuestionsFor2013

 3. What goal did I not achieve in 2012 and why? #30QuestionsFor2013

 4. What habit(s) must I STOP with 2012? #30QuestionsFor2013

 5. What new habit(s) must I cultivate in 2013? #30QuestionsFor2013

 6. What relationship(s) do I need to fuel the more? #30QuestionsFor2013

 7. What relationship(s) do I need to terminate? #30QuestionsFor2013

 8. Why haven’t I realised my financial dreams? #30QuestionsFor2013

 9. How can I realise my financial dreams? #30QuestionsFor2013

 10. What is one thing I MUST do daily in 2013? #30QuestionsFor2013

Personally, I will listen to at least a chapter of the Bible book of proverbs from my audioBible.

 11. What is one ‘Impossible’ goal I must achieve in 2013?#30QuestionsFor2013

*Impossible is in quotes

 12. How can I be more useful to my society in 2013? #30QuestionsFor2013

*I’m taking 13 kids off of street hawking and sending them to school.

 13. How can I be more valuable to my family? #30QuestionsFor2013

 14. What books must I read in 2013? #30QuestionsFor2013

*I will do lots of biographies.  Any more suggestion please? I need more list of great books.

 15. Who can I help get better in 2013? #30QuestionsFor2013

*If you are a follower of this blog, you’re definitely one of them

 16. What personal development project should I take on in 2013? #30QuestionsFor2013 *I’m already ‘googling’ on it

 17. How can my spiritual life get better in 2013? #30QuestionsFor2013

 18. What resources do I need to get? #30QuestionsFor2013

*iPod touch, iPad amongst others. Harden not your heart if God’s speaking to you. *laughs*

 19. What should I invest in, in 2013? #30QuestionsFor2013

 20. What professional leverage do I need? #30QuestionsFor2013

 *A number of certifications lined up

 21. Describe your daily routine. #30QuestionsFor2013

*I have written mine. “The secret to a man’s future is encapsulated in his daily routine.”~Dr. Mike Murdock

 22. What time should I go to bed? #30QuestionsFor2013

*Personally, I stay up late; it has its side effects.

 23. What time should I wake up every day? #30QuestionsFor2013

*Set your alarm clock right there & cooperate.

 24. What must I do before bedtime? #30QuestionsFor2013

*Write down my plan(s) for the next day

 25. How should I spend my weekends? #30QuestionsFor2013

 26. What should I be financially worth in 2013? #30QuestionsFor2013

*Write it down, don’t limit yourself! If it doesn’t scare you, then it’s not a vision.

 27. What practical steps can I take to make my financial goals a reality? #30QuestionsFor2013

 28. What new destinations do I need to travel to? #30QuestionsFor2013

 29. What award(s)/recognition do I need to obtain? #30QuestionsFor2013

 30. Would I be counting my trophies at the end of 2013 or would I be cooking up ‘world class’ excuses for my failure? #30QuestionsFor2013

Regardless of what your pastor would declare as the theme for the new year, if you don’t give yourself to due diligence and power routine, my friend, you will be going nowhere.

I hope these questions inspire you to deep meditation and subsequent actions.

Alright, get your journal and get down to work cos I just heard the voice of the Director yell ‘ACTION!’

Kindly share your thoughts with me in the comments below and do use the social media buttons below to share with your friends.


30 Questions For 2013 PDF Download


For the NextPhase,

Treasure ‘TeeKay’ Kalu (B.Eng, Blogger, Speaker, Trainer & Social media expert)


100 capsules to reinvent your life (Part 4)

It’s a great day friends! And it’s been nice sharing this series with you.

Let’s quickly take the 4th dose of our reinvention capsules:

#31. Your past must have taught you the wrong messages if these messages don’t bring you peace today. Let go of those beliefs if they don’t promote a sense of peace.

#32. If you see anyone who is different from you in status, age, wealth, use your mind to send them thoughts of love instead of judgmental thoughts.  You cannot attract what you attack!

#33. Begin to change the vocabulary you use to describe yourself and your expectations. Instead of saying ‘maybe or ‘if’, use words such as ‘absolutely’, ‘certainly’, ‘I know i can’… Use words that awaken the sleeping giant in you.

#34. If there is someone in your life who you love, tell her or him, just tell them plainly ‘I love you.’ Even if you feel fearful, just do it anyway.

#35. You cannot have a better yesterday, instead of dwelling on what and what you would have done better yesterday, channel those thoughts to the tasks before you today.

#36. Let go of all the beliefs that convince you of all your inadequacies and shortcomings.

#37. Silently rehearse the word love whenever you encounter another human being, just silently say ‘ love… love… love.’ It will make more of the love expression to emanate from you.

#38.  Make an attempt to shift your career objectives from self-absorption to a calling. Use your talents and interests to fulfill your calling. You are here on a heroic mission NOT here to make a mere living. Let everything you do today be towards the fulfillment of your calling.

#39. Practise giving without receiving, send an anonymous contribution to a charity, and leave money in someone’s closest without revealing your identity.  A feeling of peace and contentment will be your reward.

#40. Keep these four words in mind today: “Be still and know..”  When you allow your inner self to be still, you will understand the situation at hand better. Be still and know that He is God!

Thank you for sharing this time with me. Do share your thoughts with me and kindly use the share buttons below to share with your social media contacts. Do have a fantastic day!

For the NextPHASE,